Kidzone Preschool Academy and Staff would like to thank all of those who have shared with us…

Kidzone Preschool is the only school my children have ever known, and I would not have it any other way.”

“The teachers at Kidzone have been more than helpful with my son – they offer much embracing and hugs and kisses daily and we feel at peace to leave for a day of work knowing that our son is safe.”

“These primary years are most critical and influential with children and we would not want our children anywhere else. We are confident that great things will continue to come from Kidzone Academy.”

“Nothing is better than picking up your child at the end of the work day; smiling and having them talk all the way home about what they learned and how much fun they had.”

“Where do I begin? On a rating from one to ten your school and staff are a 10!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Kidzone for creating such a loving learning experience.”

“We can’t tell you how comfortable we are with our decision to bring our son to Kidzone. He is happy and developing into a confident little boy that is the direct result of a secure and loving environment.”

“My husband and I are so happy that we found Kidzone. It has made a difficult transition in our live so much easier. We recommend Kidzone to anyone who is looking for quality childcare as well as a great place to begin your child’s educational foundation! Thank you Kidzone!”

“I made a call to Kidzone and the director eased my mind when she told me that they had a potty training three year old class, how great is that! She is now potty training and doing great.”

“We can see evidence of how much he has learned when we hear him counting, saying his ABCs and singing songs. He even knows dance moves to songs.”

“Attending this school was the best thing we could have done for our son.”

“She always comes home happy and content at the end of the day. It’s such a relief to know that she is taken care of in a safe, educational and stimulating environment.”

“Wow, Ms. Gayle is wonderful, she had him potty trained within two months of him starting.”

“When we moved to Port Saint Lucie and found Kidzone, I automatically had a good feeling about the school. The school was clean, safe, and also affordable.”

“I knew I made the right choice when they started cheering as we pulled into the parking lot after just the first couple of weeks.”

“Kidzone has made him feel safe, secure and loved by the people who care for him.”

“We feel very fortunate to have found Kidzone, we have even told two families about Kidzone and they too are happy to have their children attend. We feel comfortable leaving our children and we meet them each day with smile.”

“Emma’s reading skills have gotten a tremendous boost as a result of her attending Kidzone Kindergarten.”

“Kaitlyn has learned the alphabet, the sounds and pronunciation of each letter and always puts her work of the day on the refrigerator.”

“Academically, she is far beyond what I expected. She recognizes all of her upper and lower case letters and knows their sounds. She is starting to recognize sight words as well.”

“Carley got to participate in many field trips, she loved them all. She has turned from a toddler into a lovely and bright young girl thanks to the help of Kidzone.”

“The facilities are beautiful and very elegant, and there is no one little place that needs to be taking care of. All of the staff is very professional and courteous from cleaning, maintenance, teachers, office personnel and the director.”

“I feel that she is in a safe and caring environment, which is a parent’s biggest concern.”

Kidzone has allowed Amber to expand herself as an individual.”

“Gabe’s potty training has vastly improved and his confidence at home on the potty is much improved.”

“Now that Summer is almost three years old, we can see such a difference with her knowledge.”

“We are so happy we found Kidzone, not only for the difference it has made in our daughter, but for the time it has allowed my husband and I to concentrate on our new business future.”

“Kidzone has had a positive impact on my sons life.”

“The staff in the nursery and one year old room are amazing.”

“I can tell my son has been learning a great deal at school, it is evident by his increased vocabulary and recognition of colors.”

“Academically Kidzone is a wonderful school! I can also say I have toured just about every pre-school in Saint Lucie County and Kidzone is the cleanest, most beautiful one around.”

“Kid zone has taught Mikayla her basic skills to help ready her for Kindergarten.”

“Having him at Kidzone also gives him the chance to interact with other kids.”