Kidzone Preschool Academy offers a wide range of special activities making every day fun and exciting while our children grow academically, physically and socially. Monthly visits from our “special guests” such as, Elmo, Zippy Zap the Clown, live puppet shows from “Duck in the Trunk,” and Mr. Brian and the Boppets, the Petting Zoo, with live bunnies, goats, roosters, etc., or the Reptile Petting Zoo, with a live monkey, turtle, and lizards, etc., bring smiling faces, lots of hugs, laughter and experiences to be remembered throughout their life time. Special outdoor field days, wacky water days, fall hay rides and pony rides are also a part of Kidzone Preschool Academy ‘s program.

In addition to our special guests, children are given lots of space to roam, explore, run, jump, and crawl in our large outdoor playground and in our 10,000 square foot indoor play area known as the “Funzone”, which includes a gigantic waterfall a jungle safari train ride, a safari soft play area and a big bounce house. (Please visit the “Funzone” page for more inforamtion.) You will also find lots of giggles, laughter and pure enjoyment as our children attend our 3,000 sq. ft. Performing Arts Center for special movie days (on our brand new 72″ D.L.P. large screen television) where their favorite characters become almost life size.

In addition to our regular program activities, our Pre-K students and our Elementary students participate in special field trips on Kidzone Preschool Academy ‘s, brand new Safety-Liner school bus (which is considered to be the safest bus made in America today.) Some of Kidzone’s favorite trips include bowling at Super-Play USA, playing at the “Fountains” in Indian River Park , and going to see the Mets play ball at the Tradition Field.