Our children are only young once! We hear that all the time, but do we really understand that we have only “one” opportunity to give them the best we can so that they can be the most they can be. We do not get a second chance on any given child. At Kidzone Preschool Academy we know this and therefore have made your children our number one priority. Our most precious commodities have for too long been given the “leftovers”. Especially the preschool age children. This is evident by the preschool and daycare environments we have for too long allowed our children to grow up in. Too many times in the past we have looked for the preschool that is the closest, or the least expensive or what seems to be the “nice little school” without necessarily looking at the product.

At Kidzone Preschool Academy we take pride in the fact that for the parents who habitually have their children in our curriculum time, their reward is having their child at the “top” of their Kindergarten class! We are not a daycare, we are not a babysitting service, what we are is a well rounded preschool with our number one goal being to prepare your child for their next level. With that being said, at Kidzone Preschool Academy we would consider ourselves as incomplete and underachieving if we did not create for your child a very positive, fun filled environment. They ARE only young once, and at Kidzone Preschool Academy we do not forget that. We have one opportunity to let them be kids, have fun and let their first memories of “school” be bright, sunny and positive. A child who “enjoys” something will usually out perform one that does not.

It is for this reason that we have and use our 3,000 sq ft. Performing Arts Center on a regular basis. It is for this reason we have and use the world’s most advanced, state of the art school bus for our kids special events, field trips and recreation. It is for this reason we have our special guests, water days, petting zoo’s, gigantic bounce house, playground, etc. and it is for this reason we continue to look for more ways to upgrade and keep current with the latest and greatest, as well as set standards for others to follow. All so our kids can have FUN and experience the most exciting and positive preschool environment possible. And all the while, not losing focus but fully preparing your child for the next level.

At Kidzone Preschool Academy we understand we may not be the closest and we probably will not be the least expensive, but by you choosing to bring your child here we believe that you will see your rewards year by year for many years to come. At Kidzone Preschool Academy we know that it’s these early years in our children’s lives that are forming in their minds what is right and what is wrong. Time and again studies have shown that by the time a child is five years of age, much of their mind and character has already been formed. Therefore we are serious about teaching them values of sharing and honesty, respect and cleanliness and most importantly imparting into them their importance and value through our facility and amenities as well as by our words of praise and encouragement. There is a certain correlation between what we “say” to our children and what we “give” to or show our children. This is why we at Kidzone Preschool Academy are always striving to be better, looking for ways we can continue to improve and remain on the cutting edge of preschool education.