Kidzone Owns Preschool!


After years of intensive research on finding the finest and safest indoor play equipment, Kidzone Preschool Academy proudly presents the “FUNZONE,” the State of Florida’s largest indoor playground. At Kidzone Preschool Academy’s “Funzone,” your child can take a ride on The Mercedes Benz of Children’s Passenger trains. Straight from Madrid, Spain, your children will love to see the detailed animals sculpted on our “Safari Train,” like the elephant, zebra and giraffe. As children board the 14 passenger train they are able to hear the life like jungle animal sounds and begin their journey of sight seeing as the train passes by the giant flowing waterfall and jungle forest where they can spot animals lurking in the plants and trees, or a monkey swinging in a tree.

Also included in the “Funzone”, is our “Safari Soft Play Area,” where your child can climb up on our jungle animals or climb and slide in our $55,000.00, seventeen foot high tree house with tunnel. These soft play jungle animals and tree house are made with a patented process that coats the foam sculpted forms with an extremely durable rubber-like substance that makes them uniquely soft and safe. Your child will love the detailed animals, logs to crawl through, canoes to ride on, and the amazing tree house.

Along with a fantastic safari train ride, and safari soft play area, Kidzone Preschool Academy’s “Funzone,” also includes a “Giant Castle Bounce House” with a giant slide. Of course, after all the fun and excitement of riding, climbing, and bouncing, your children can visit some of their favorite stars like Nemo, Dorey and Bubbles as they visit our 250 gallon salt water coral fish tank.

There is nothing like the “Funzone” for any cost at any preschool in the entire State of Florida. Please call today to schedule your personal tour of Kidzone Preschool Academy and the Funzone, and bring the kids, they will really enjoy it, and they will thank-you for bringing them.